Dear Friends of The First Tee of New Hampshire,

We hope that 2018 has been a great year for all of you.  I am happy to report that in 2018 participation has been the highest in our 15 year history.  Our programs continue to have a positive impact on our youth, as we have built many new relationships with community partners all throughout New Hampshire.  Arnold Palmer once said “Success in the game depends less on strength of body than strength of the mind and character”.  This is what we believe The First Tee of New Hampshire is all about and why we love what we do.  To support our 2018 Annual Appeal please Click Here to Donate Now.

We share the following two stories as local examples of the magnitude and impact our programs are having on kids participating at The First Tee here in New Hampshire.

  • Ten-year-old GABRIEL joined our program three years ago. His family found it difficult to afford traditional sports while supporting services for Gabriel’s severely autistic younger brother. The First Tee of New Hampshire provided scholarship funds to cover the cost of Gabriel’s enrollment, and since that day he has fallen in love with the game of golf. He proudly demonstrates our core values, has made many friends and become one of the young leaders of our program.  In a recent interview, Gabriel said his participation in The First Tee “helps me be responsible for things I do and actions I take.”  This seemingly simple and powerful statement from a 10-year-old actually is the byproduct of many hours of coaching, mentoring and life skills-development on the golf course—which Gabriel would never have experienced without support from people like you.
  • JULIA began at TFTNH several years ago. At the time she joined, she knew the fundamentals of golf, but had played very little. The First Tee allowed her to experience playing time on course while accompanied by coaches.  Rather than learning strategies in the abstract, playing the course with an instructor allows real time problem solving and use of good Judgment.  While learning to play golf has been great, the real connection Julia has with The First Tee, is the people.  She has formed strong bonds with many of The First Tee staff, and those connections with positive mentors are what make Julia return to The First Tee every year.  They have not only molded her golf game, they have encouraged her growth as a person.  Golf is a lifetime sport where friendships are made and sustained. The First Tee sets the example of how golf can be a wonderful activity for life, by teaching valuable life skills and promoting the importance of strong relationships. For Julia, the relationships she has formed at The First Tee will not only result in her playing golf in the future,  but have already shaped her character and enhanced her childhood and adolescence.

Studies of best practices show that community organizations like The First Tee provide key enrichment activities that help kids become contributing citizens – not to mention assist with shorter term goals like college matriculation:

  • We provide mentoring, build social-emotional skills and help kids develop a sense of purpose;
  • We can attract kids who don’t connect with adults through academics or school sports;
  • As a game that relies heavily on integrity, sportsmanship, perseverance, courtesy and judgment, golf is uniquely suited to character development that translates to real outcomes off the course;
  • Our program can be adjusted to the means of the community.  It can be implemented in both rural and urban areas, at schools and community centers as well as on public or private golf courses.
  • The First Tee provides academic recognition and golf and leadership events to older participants.

I’d like to thank you in advance for your help in supporting our programs so that every child who wants to, can continue to play the game of golf, learn life skills and build their character for a better future.   Click Here to Donate Now.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please contact me at csargent@thefirstteenh.org.


Chris Sargent
Executive Director